Chinese kids are just another brick in the Party wall

Comrade Xi’s ‘Thought’ philosophy is at the core of CCP ‘ideological’ studies in schools

Comrade Xi Jinping is determined to turn out good, little Communist Party members by shaking up the educational system.

Sweeping reforms have seen the “thoughts” of President Xi at the core of “ideological” studies at state schools and colleges.

Next in line will be the private sector after the powerful State Council announced plans for the CCP to tighten its control.

“The new regulations stipulate that private educational institutions must operate under the overall leadership of the Communist Party of China,” the official Xinhua News Agency reported last week.

What that means:

  • Communist Party cells will step up the supervision of the day-to-day running of private schools from September 1.
  • The new law will ban the teaching of foreign curricula in schools from kindergarten to grade nine or 15 to 16-year-olds.
  • It will also outlaw overseas ownership and restrict the use of foreign textbooks.
  • Xi’s “Thought,” “patriotic ideals” and “loyalty to the Party” will be taught.
  • Private schools make up 20% of China’s educational system.

Harsh lesson: Back in February, the government’s Central Committee issued guidelines to intensify CCP education among the Young Pioneers. The national youth organization already has strong links with the Party ahead of centennial celebrations in July.

What was said: “Young Pioneers should be taught to firmly bear in mind the teachings of Comrade Xi, and do what [he] has instructed,” CCP guidelines pointed out.

Delve deeper: The Party has helped Chinese companies go on a buying spree of private schools abroad while clamping down on them at home. 

Brand UK: “Hundreds of [British] independent schools left in dire financial straits by the coronavirus pandemic are being targeted by Chinese investors,” the Mail on Sunday newspaper reported earlier this year.

Communist creed: Many of the companies and investment vehicles are run by high-ranking members of the ruling CCP. “[They] seek to expand their influence over Britain’s education system,” the Mail reported.

China Factor comment: This is yet another example of the vast reach of a Party that has never been elected by the people. CCP cells now stretch from the educational system to the business landscape. In short, from cradle to grave. At the same time, foreign independent schools are being forced out. So much for Xi’s shallow claim that China is “opening up.”