Inside Wu Wei’s symbolic world of ‘poetic barbarism’

His exhibition at Tang Contemporary Art showcases a unique visual approach of ‘infinity and the unknown’

Wu Wei blends civilization, barbarism and mythology into a potent visual cocktail for his Freedom from Resistance exhibition.

The 39-year-old contemporary artist has showcased his work in the United States, Germany and Canada, as well as his native China.

Artist Wu Wei. Photo: Courtesy of Tang Contemporary Art

“His use of paper and metal in particular [is] poetic and spiritually motivated,” Hua International, a contemporary art gallery based in Berlin and Beijing,” stated.

Born in Zhengzhou, Wu Wei’s art illustrates the tension between Chinese folklore and the narrative of history.

“Individual experience is pitted against public knowledge and belief,” Hua International said in a biography of the artist.

“In turn, a microcosmic account of historical sociology is questioned, which gives rise to multiple contradictions of time, as well as examining ideas of infinity and the unknown,” it added. 

»Wu Wei’s Freedom from Resistance exhibition runs until January 31 at Tang Contemporary Art in Beijing.

Qiongqi (Monster) | 2020 with Protruding Forms | 2020

Material: Qiongqi (Monster) is metal and paper

Dimensions: 65 cm x 65 cm x 120 cm

Material: Protruding Forms is paper on a panel 

Dimensions: 200 cm x 300 cm

Image: Courtesy of Tang Contemporary Art

Typhon | 2020

Material: Metal and paper

Dimensions: 380 cm x 170 cm x 140 cm

Image: Courtesy of Tang Contemporary Art

Fission and Fusion | 2020

Material: Paper on canvas and panel

Dimensions: 300 cm x 600 cm

Image: Courtesy of Tang Contemporary Art